Creating International Quality that satisfy our customers, our Research and Development wing is manned by Quality experts whose fingers are always on the pulse of the market. As we believe that conception should meet execution, there is a close interaction between the technology and production teams at all stages. Innovative quality and tailor made solutions are the hallmark of our company.

Designs that attracts immediate attention and quality that meets world standards, our products reflects our commitment to excellence. A continuous research in the world market, keeps us updated with the present demands of our customers. Perfection is what we strive to achieve, in both the design and the execution stages. Hence, our products have always met with sound approvals.


Our production undergoes stringent quality control tests. Which results our products to be of world class. To meet the global demand of increasingly high standards, our plant is managed by highly skilled staff, right from purchasing raw material to finished good. Attention to detail at all stages of production has enabled us to live up to a reputation of delivering on schedule. We have an efficient quality control system in place. Quality control begins by checking raw materials for compliance with specifications.

All products are inspected at all stages of manufacturing for defect free surface quality. Our plant has maintained ISO 9001:2000, a certification of quality management systems maintained by the International Organization of Standardization and administered by certification and accreditation bodies

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You can download our Angel Turnomatic Catalogue from here in handy PDF format.